Privacy & Terms

Privacy & Terms

This page is the privacy policy and terms of use for the SEO Chatbot service.

The SEO Chatbot records all queries in order to enable us to improve the service and see questions/queries the bot is failing to answer.

We do not share your search information with any third party (other than those mentioned on this page).

The SEO Chatbot is hosted by Google’s Diagflow service. You can view the Diagflow terms and privacy here.

Your searches may be stored by Google and used to improve the Dialogflow service.

The SEO Chatbot also makes use of Google Analytics for basic analytics tracking purposes. You can read the Google privacy policy here.

The SEO Chatbot is intended for use only by people over the age of 13.

The SEO Chatbot is only to be used for research purposes. Search Candy cannot be held liable for any actions taken based on recommendations the chatbot makes. Always take a backup and consult with a professional before making any changes to your website.

Do not submit bulk queries or use the chatbot in a malicious manner.

Please do not be mean to the bot. Bots have feelings too you know.